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a First FTTH Provider in Iraq Most Advanced Internet Technology
for the Public is Now live at Baghdad and Wasit
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We Make Creative Projects

Quick & Smart Solutions

We understand the importance of approaching each work and believe in the power of simple and easy communication. Our team have designed game changing products and services.

Business Analysis

Offering a Consolidated Business Analysis that would draw all the lines between your Business Goals and the Roadmap to it, ending with Customer Satisfaction. is that what you are looking for ?

Brand & identity

Your logo is the very heart of your identity and branding, let our designers deliver the perfect & dreamy design, this is one part that most of Service Provider doesn't take in consideration and give that as a value added Service in one shopping Stop !

Web & Apps Design

What separates our Company from all other web & Apps design Companies is the ability to offer the most Friendly Experience you can imagine, and a wide use platforms that support all type of Sets like Mobile OS, Windows , Linux..etc.. in a very sophisticated way.

Cost Effective

Manage the Cost and Financial figures within the the design and find a practical and Worth price solutions and protocols is a vital pillar in any project, Is it what you are looking to manage ?


Grow Your Business With Scopesky, But How ?

With us you will find the most flexible and reliable solutions not to mention our Staff way of doing , managing things for you

Advice & guides

Its Not only to fulfill your requirements but also we will advise you as far as we know in the most successful approaches to fulfill your business goals.

Great Solutions

Rounding up a bunch of designs and about the merits of each. make a lasting impression is our game !

End to End Solutions

Customers need to be Spoiled as per our vision, And so its important to have an end to end solution that cover all technical and Business aspects in one package.

Cutting Edge Technologies

All solutions are provided on the table to pick from, we are here to advise you with the best cutting edge technologies that would give a very practical short cut to your outcomes without having SLA / Quality intact !

Flexible Approach

Rather you need a One-Time Fee, a operation subscription Or even a Sharing revenue Approaches we are here to support you, get in touch and you will be amazed !

Solid Infrastructure

As you grow, we are providing a solid solution and infrastructure that support your current business load and future expansion in a very dynamic way but yet a solid solution to depend on.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally
and believe in the power of simple and easy communication.

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