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A major Internet carrier in Iraq
Since 2008, we have been working to provide Iraq with high-speed Internet service via submarine optical cables in all governorates and all sectors.
Real work thrives with us
and grows continuously
With scopesky Company and its distinguished staff
quality standards will be the highest and success will always be your ally
The first provider of optical cable
service to the home in Iraq
The best technology so far to provide the Internet
We cover several areas in Baghdad and Wasit Governorate
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We create creative projects

Fast and smart solutions

We understand the importance of dealing with every business in an integrated manner and believe in the power of simple and easy communication. Our team has designed game-changing products and services.

Business analysis

Provide a unified business analysis that draws all the lines between your business goals and its roadmap, ending with customer satisfaction. Is this what you were looking for?

Brand identity

Your logo is the heart of your identity and brand, let our designers provide the perfect and dreamy design, this is a part that most of the service provider does not take into consideration and give it as a value added service in one stop shopping!

Website and application design

What distinguishes our company from all other web and app design companies is the ability to provide the best friendly experience you can imagine, and widely used platforms that support all kinds of combinations such as Mobile OS, Windows, Linux..etc.. in a very sophisticated way.

Cost effectiveness

Managing cost and financial numbers within the design and finding practical and high value solutions and protocols is a fundamental pillar of any project, is it what you are looking to manage?


Your business grows with scopesky, but how?

With us you will find the most flexible and reliable solutions not to mention the way our employees work and manage things for you

Tips and Advice

Not only will we meet your requirements, we will also advise you to the best of our knowledge the most successful approaches to achieve your business goals.

Great solutions

Gather a collection of designs and discuss the advantages of each. Leaving a lasting impression is our game!

Final solutions

Clients need to be spoiled according to our vision and so it is important that they have a comprehensive solution that covers all technical and business aspects in one package.

Advanced technologies

All solutions are provided on the table to choose from, we are here to advise you with the best cutting edge techniques that will give a very practical shortcut to your results without a proper SLA/QA!

Flexible approach

You need a one-time fee, a process buy-in, or even revenue sharing approaches, we are here to support you, connect with you and you will be amazed!

Solid infrastructure

As you grow, we provide a robust solution and infrastructure that supports your current workload and future expansion in a very dynamic but yet robust solution you can rely on.

Start your future business now

We understand the importance of approaching every business in an integrated manner
We believe in the power of simple and easy communication.