Our Partners

Government partners

The ministry of communications

The ministry of communications

General Company for Informatics and Communications

The Information and Communications Public Company (ITPC) is a government-owned and operated company responsible for providing telecommunications and postal services in Iraq.

Al Salam General Company

Al-Salam is one of the partners of the Iraqi Ministry of Communications and partners in the field of information technology for the public sector for advanced communications technologies.

Iraqi domain registrar IQ

.iq هو نطاق المستوى الأعلى لرمز الدولة (ccTLD) للعراق. التسجيلات ضمن هذه الفئات:

.iq – general

gov.iqgovernmental entities

edu.iqeducational institutions

com.iqcommercial entities

mil.iqmilitary institutions

org.iqnon-profit organizations

net.iqnetwork service providers

International partners

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems Inc. It is an American multinational corporation headquartered in the United States that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment. Cisco empowers people to make powerful connections – whether in business, education, philanthropy or creativity. Cisco's hardware, software, and services offerings are used to create Internet solutions that make networking possible, providing easy access to information anywhere.

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Motorola designs and sells wireless network infrastructure equipment such as cellular transmitter base stations and amplifiers. Motorola's home network and broadcast network products include set-top boxes, digital video recorders, and network equipment used to enable video streaming, computer telephony, and HDTV. Its commercial and government customers primarily consist of wireless voice and broadband systems (used to build private networks), and public safety communications systems (such as Astro and Dimetra). This business excluding set-top boxes and cable modems is now part of Motorola Solutions.


Pelco is a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of video security systems, including high-definition and fixed IP IP camera systems. Next-generation video management and software-only solutions; Video matrix systems, full HD displays and more. Like other building automation systems, physical security is moving from a centralized analog landscape to a network-based, IP-centric landscape. Pelco's leverages mean existing network infrastructure can be leveraged to deliver video security solutions in new and innovative ways, increasing efficiency and broadcast operations.

Local partners


We are a major network solutions provider, operating from (any city, or different locations), using the strongest fiber optic network in Iraq. We are not only an Internet service provider but we also provide our services to other ISP (Iraq Sky) company. We are developing the scope of work at a high level of providing high-quality Internet service via Internet Protocol (IP) to be used wherever you are at home or via DSL. In addition to other services such as VOIP and data communications. Security solutions in new and innovative ways, increasing efficiency and flow of operations

Provider ISP

An Iraqi company that fully includes the best personnel specialized in everything related to service provision, follow-up and repair of faults to ensure the sustainability and quality of service areas. The company also provides technical support services at all hours of the day and throughout the week in order to give our customers confidence, credibility, and quick response to their demands using the latest technologies in order to serve our customers.