Our branches

Baghdad office

General Operations Center – Baghdad – Mansour

Through which technical teams are dispatched for the activation and maintenance of optical cable and wireless networks for customers and is the home for the second Network Operation Center (NOC) which is in direct contact with customers in the case of need for any kind of technical support or any need to dispatch.

Baghdad office

Headquarters – Baghdad – Baghdad International Airport Economic Zone

The main branch is located at Baghdad International Airport which represented by general Management of ScopeSky Communications by the CEO and the Higher Management whom responsible for drawing up the company’s strategy, agreements and Partners. Resides in the headquarters of ScopeSky Communications a group of expert technicians responsible for the design and Technical management of the company given the high level of security that Baghdad International Airport region enjoys, there is also available the main network operating center (Main NOC) through which network control for the first level is conducted.

Baghdad office

Data Center – Baghdad, Baghdad International Airport, Complex telecommunications

The Data center for ScopeSky Communications ( Data Center & Data Warehouse ) Is the first Iraqi data center dealt with by The private sector and government sector To host public and privite servers and data warehouses (Data Base) which contains a large hall Estimated the size of 84 square meters designed within the international standards like the main and backup power supply sources, cooling systems, CCTV, fire extinguishing system and building security systems. Walls of the building consists of several layers (concrete layer, followed by a heat and cold insulating layer, steel wall and another concrete layer) counting to a total wall thickness of 45 cm.

Jordan office

Branch of Jordan Kingdom – Amman – Abdoun

ScopeSky Communications is registered in Kingdom of Jordan in 2011 as a registered trademark, have a license to broadcast Internet service and investing in the optical cable network and have the rights to import and export fiber optic cables, devices and equipment in telecommunications and Internet services. In addition to other logistics activities, there is also available a representative office that facilitates staff training and International conferences attending.

Dubai office

Branch of the United Arab Emirates – Dubai – Silicon City

ScopeSky Communications is registered in the United Arab Emirates in 2010 in Dubai – Silicon City and we have a representative office supporting needs for equipments and materials and staff training and showing the modern techniques that has entered Iraq and holding international agreements and attending exhibitions and international conferences in addition to working on applications for the services that provided by ScopeSky Communications.

USA branch

Branch of the USA – Texas

ScopeSky communications owns a commercial certificate registered in 2011, where there is a development office owned by ScopeSky in Texas, through which ScopeSky communications communicates with the international companies all over the world and have contract agreements, follow up business the right way, in addition ScopeSky communications attends many conferences held within the United States in order to develop the investment.

UK branch

Branch of UK – London

ScopeSky communications was registered in 2011 in the United Kingdom, this office works on creating new ways of communication between countries of the world that deliver communications and internet services, in addition keeping the pace with the ongoing new technologies and bringing it to Iraq and train the staff to use these new technologies, in addition there is a Network Operation Center responsible for monitoring the network and fix any interruptions on time and ensuring continuous and guaranteed services.