Optical cable to the house

Optical cable to the house

Optical cable to the home (FTTH) service

FTTH network which stands for Fiber To The Home is one of the advanced networks powered by GPON technology, which extends from the main exchanges of cities through shops and alleys ending with a pole in every street. Each column will have a section feeding (16) houses with very high capacities and unlimited stability. FTTH technology. FTTH is considered one of the most advanced wiring technologies in the world today, enabling Internet services to be provided to homes at very high speeds of up to 100 Mb/s. Using the FTTH service, it is possible to pass the Internet service, two voice and video call services, in addition to the gaming service over the network, and the use of sharing sites that contain videos, multi-use applications, and any other service that will start in the future, such as other countries of the world. We offer all this through FTTH network to reach a luxurious, perfect and barrier-free world.

The main benefit of FTTH is increased network performance, specifically high speeds over long distances, which the old method of using coaxial cables, twisted pair connectors, and DSL cannot achieve.

Due to its significantly higher bandwidth, experts consider FTTH the best technology to handle consumer network demands in the coming decades

scopesky Company is implementing an FTTH project in the following governorates:

1- Baghdad Al-Karkh

2- Wasit Governorate

For more information you can contact us via:

Eamil : ftth@scopesky.com

Phone: 07700036496 / 07800036496