Human resources services

scopesky has launched the Tashgheel platform in Iraq, which is a job search and recruitment platform that offers the best way to find a job.

We provide human resources consulting and human resources development programs with the best Iraqi universities in the Iraqi labor market.

In addition to easy access to jobs through the platform and social media, we started our journey in February 2019.

Tashgheel is a reliable job portal that provides a professional network solution for job seekers and employers inside and outside Iraq. The Tashgheel website helps people connect with the real world of opportunities to achieve specific goals and choose their career path. The site also guides users in job management, effective hiring, time management, and flexibility.

Our goal is to empower people through knowledge and tools, whether it's about finding a new job or a new career anywhere. The Tashgheel website will allow you to explore your capabilities and make every possible opportunity available to you.