Wireless Internet Service

خدمة الانترنت اللاسلكي

ScopeSky is considered one of the leading and best companies in providing wireless internet service in Iraq because we offer high availability, multi-source, and multiple backup lines in case of failure.

How reliable is it

  1. ScopeSky provides 3 backup paths through the east, west, and north.
  2. ScopeSky can control traffic based on customer request to meet customer requirements.
  3. ScopeSky offers many solutions with BGP based on a team of experts working with them.
  4. Highly scalable and redundant infrastructure.
  5. Support for any network connection using any type of tunnels or using MPLS.
  6. Support for a variety of CE-PE routing protocols such as Static, OSPF, BGP, and BGP Load Balancing using many advanced options like OER.
  7. Support for multiple service classes.
  8. Flexible physical access ranging from T1/E1, DS3, STM1 to FE.
  9. Flexible port speeds ranging from 64 kbps to STM1 level.
  10. End-to-end CPE management and monitoring services.
  11. 24x7x365 technical team and support available.
  12. Service level guarantees provided for uptime, availability, response time, packet loss, and instability (for voice traffic only).