smart homes

WIACOM is a brand of Scopesky LLC, offering the best-priced smart home automation experience for everyone by combining the latest technologies and elegance. Ideas, style, and simplicity are what define WIACOM.

We are exclusively committed to excellence in home automation. We understand what matters most to you and the best ways to meet the changing needs of today's customers. So, if you're investing in home automation, put your trust in WIACOM.

WIACOM possesses the knowledge and tools needed to determine the true nature of the smart home and the suitability of potential scenarios for the Iraqi household.

How to control lighting, air conditioning, curtains, security, and music? Everything can be done simply using a single panel at your fingertips for lights and temperature, choosing any operational scenario. Just press a few buttons and control remotely!

Enjoy a home control system like never before.