GPS Tracking and Fleet Management

GPS tracking system for fleet management offers vehicle location and real-time mapping, but there are several other features that you need to know about. Many of these GPS tracking features give you more insight into how well your commercial vehicle fleet is optimized so you can make decisions about how to change or improve operations for your business

Managing a fleet involves much more than just coordinating drivers, but also have maintained multiple vehicles on various schedules. Remember that some maintenance tasks are scheduled based on time, while others are based on mileage or engine hours.

Scopesky Has granted for performing GPS tracking activities by the CMC and the Iraqi National Security in June 2019, and since then its new Brand TATABO3 ( in a partnership with a UAE brand – ENROUTE )was its interface to provide this important technology field in Iraq

The Model itself is an IOT concept that offers a wide range of sensors and features that enable you as business owner with Fleet, to manage your resources efficiently and effectively.