Human Resources Services

Scopesky has launched Tashgheel Platform in Iraq which is a recruiter and job seeker platform that offers the best way to look for the job and companies in Iraqi Job Market, we are offering HR consultancies and Human resources development programs with the best Iraqi Universities, not to mention the ease of accessibility for jobs via the platform and the Social Media, we have started our journey on Feb 2019.

Tashgheel  is a reliable job portal that provides professional network solutions for every Jobseekers and Employer within and outside Iraq.

Tashgheel  help people to connect with the real world of opportunities to achieve the set goals and choice of career path.

Tashgheel  also guide users in terms of career management, effective recruitment and efficient management of time and flexibility.

Our goal is to empower people through knowledge and tools. Whether it is finding a new career or new job in any location. Tashgheel will let you explore your capability and make every opportunity possible to you.