Wireless Internet Service

 Wireless Internet Service
ScopeSky Wireless Internet Service


ScopeSky company is considered from lead and best companies in providing wireless internet service in Iraq cause we provide high availability, multi-sourcing, and many backup lines in case of failure to enjoy stable and high-speed internet service
How Much its Reliable ?


  • ScopeSky Provide 3 redundant routes through east, west and north
  • Scopesky can control the traffic based on client request to fit the client requirement
  • Scopesky provide many solution with BGP based on team of experts that work with them
  • Highly scalable and redundant backbone architecture
  • Support of any-to-any meshed connectivity using any type of tunnel or using MPLS
  • Support on variety of CE-PE routing protocol like Static, OSPF and BGP
  • BGP Load Balancing using many advanced option like OER
  • Support of multiple class of services
  • Flexible physical access port ranging from T1/ E1, DS3, STM1 to FE
  • Flexible port speed ranging from 64 Kbps to STM1 level
  • End-to-end CPE management and monitoring services
  • 24x7x365 central NOC and support team
  • Service level guarantee provided on uptime, availability, latency, packet loss and jitter (for voice traffic only)